Injection Diet Information

• Struggling to lose weight?
• Need to lose a few kilos after a baby, holiday or need to lose weight for medical reasons?
• Do you have concerns about your health?
• Are you tired of feeling depressed about the way you look?
• Do you smoke or drink or both?
• Finding it hard to stick to a calorie based diet?
• Have you failed attempts to diet in the last year more than once?
• Finding it hard to fit exercise into your daily routine?

This diet is the solution. Men, woman and children can benefit from this Diet as it is safe and natural to use.
If you said yes to any of the questions above then please continue reading.
Let me explain

• All natural products and supplements
• Boosts energy levels as soon as day 2
• No exercise needed in order to lose weight (this will be beneficial, but not necessary)
• No harsh chemicals that will damage your body or interfere with other medications
• Safe to use even for diabetics and patients suffering from heart decease, thyroid problems, cholesterol or High blood pressure
• Supplied by a pharmaceutical company
• Weight loss guaranteed (if you stick to the program)

So what puts this diet aside from everything else you tried??? (that promised to work and failed) Why should you spend money on yet another product? How does it work?
This diet is based on your body’s metabolism, and its main function is to speed up this process and keep it up to speed in order for your body to burn fat.

This is a slow process especially if you have failed attempts on diets or recently has a baby. The more you fail the slower your system will react.
Our product is based on all natural products in order to help you turn your body into a fat burning machine 24/7. I was a septic myself until I tried it and lost 60kg in 9 months.

We also have many other satisfied returning clients that use this product and are happy with the results!
So here is a short description of what takes place.
Your body makes use of starch and sugar to get its energy, so if you are not an active person, the body will store what is not needed as reserve (fat) People tend to over eat thus more fat is stored. Take it from someone who knows. It’s hard to stick to a healthy diet and eat at the right times. With today’s busy life, you eat what you can when you have a chance and this includes junk food. So what does our diet do?

Well it’s simple really. The injection will boost your body into a fat burning machine. Because the two main food groups that create fat is eliminated, the body will need to find another source of energy. The injection helps the body release Ketones (a hormone that melts away fat) in order for the body to use as energy (after all it is reserved for that purpose) so after 72 hours of this program, Ketones are released. (Think of them as your helpers) The more is released, the faster they work! These Ketones essentially melt away stored fat and the body uses that as its source of energy (and this is how you lose the weight!)

Water is important in any diet and this one is no different. Water helps get rid of the toxins in the body (too much water will flush the system) so no more than 2L of water a day unless you are recommended to take more

Our weight loss is not a dream in a bottle, but it does work. This system has been designed and tweaked to perfection and is fail safe if you follow the rules. So here is another popular question. Will you pick up the weight after you have lost it??

There are two simple answers to that question. If you are not going to mind what you eat regardless of what it does in your body then yes, you will pick it up again and might even add more. If you do s slow reintroduction of starch and sugar for a prolonged time (3 weeks) then no, you should be able to keep that scale stable.
Here is why.

Your body has not had starch or sugar for the time period of the diet, and you need to train it to get use to it again over time. If you don’t, it will simply store all of it. So in short, you should be able to eat normally in about 3 week’s time after you are done with the system.
What sets this diet aside from the Banting diet? We use many of the same rules as the banting diet, but we are more strict. The banting diet is not really worried about the protein. To them it’s more the carbs. Thus people using the banting diet vs people using pro diet weight loss is slower.

Example: Shara used the banting diet and lost 10kg over 3 months, while Tiffany used pro diet and lost 10kg in one month. Both of them weighed in at 110kg when they started. Shara made use of cardio as an extra where Tiffany did not. Tiffany had lost the weight 3 times faster and with less afford
So what happens?

Based on studies in Canada, it is said that carbohydrates found in starch and sugar rich foods, is used in the body to generate energy. The rest that is not used is stored as fat. If you are prone to over eating, your body will store more fat. Protein only remains in the body for 4 hours, after which it is flushed from the system. The Vitamin B combined with the appetite suppressant puts the body into a fat burning mode, speeding up the metabolism. Your body will not be able to store new fat and thus existing fat is being burned for energy, causing you to lose weight. The water you drink helps the body flush this burned fat out of your system, and you lose weight.
It is important to understand that once you have reached your goal weight, reintroduction of starch and sugar should be done slowly in order to keep off the weight. People tend to forget this and end up putting weight on. If done right, this will not happen. After 24 hours of ridding your body of all that nasty carbohydrates you body will release Keytones. Keytones is a natural process that takes place in the body.

These Keytones play a vital role in the weight loss process as they are responsible for converting stored fat into energy.
With every good diet cheats are allowed for the following main reason. When taking away main pars of your daily food consumption your body will adjust, but the last thing we want is for you to pick up the weight you have lost, so we introduce a cheat system, designed to help you keep that weight off. The first week of your diet you can expect to lose water weight. Excess water stored will be expelled from the body. The second week and every week thereafter you will lose body fat. From the second week we allow you to eat one thing that you are normally not allowed for example a potato or a bit of rice (whatever you were craving for) Be careful not to overdo this cheat. By this we mean not a potato the size of a dinner plate! This process helps the body to remember that carbohydrates are still there and not completely gone, so it will not store it as fat. When you take something away completely the system gets use to it not being there, so if you don’t cheat, the body will store it as fat immediately. This combined with the reintroduction phase will help keep what you have lost off. The cheat IS NOT OPTIONAL, IT IS A MUST.

Q and A section below for more answers.

• Q – Where do I inject myself?
• A – You can inject yourself on the bum, tummy or upper leg. This is not an oil based

injection and therefore does not need to be on a specific place.
• Q – How long can I keep the injection for?
• A These injections expire in two years time. You must keep it at room temp and unexposed to sunlight as it will lose its concentration.

• Q – How much weight can I expect to lose?
• A – This is a difficult but valid question. You can lose up to 20kg in one month. It depends on how strict you follow the rules and how much weight you have to lose, for example. A person that is 50kg overweight will lose weight faster than a skinny person who only has 5kg to lose. We have has skinny clients lose 3kg with one month’s supply.

• Q – Can I still smoke while on this diet?
• A – Yes you can. It would be a healthier option to stop, but it will not make a difference if you continue to smoke.

• Q- How much am I allowed to eat?
• A – Glad this question came up! You may eat as much as you want, as long as its High protein. There is no limit. The more you eat, the faster you will lose. The reason for this is, every time you eat, your brain sends a signal to your metabolism to turn on in order to digest food, but because you will not be taking in carbohydrates for the body to store, it will burn more fat and you will lose weight. Basically you are fooling the system. This works for those late night snacks too.

• Q- If a person used prescribed medication, will this diet interfere?
• A – NO, you can use any other medication; this will not interfere as it is an all natural product. It is always recommended to seek advice from your doctor if you are unsure

• Q – How old must my child be in order to use this diet?
• A – We currently have 2 teenagers on this diet due to being extremely overweight. An overweight child can have a low self esteem and this is more damaging to a child then this diet (as its not damaging at all) I would say from age 10 and up is suitable, but we would advise that you as the parent administer the injections yourself and keep it out of reach of the child. These are not toys

• Q- What is the reintroduction phase?
• A-This is a process that will follow the end of your diet. When you are done and you have lost they weight and stopped the injections, you will need to re introduce starch and sugar back into your daily diet slow and steady. You will start with one week by adding a little but at a time, and slowly increase this. You will watch your weight while doing this process. It is a delicate stage and needs to be done with caution. This stage should not take more than three weeks to complete. You should be able to eat normally after this with your weight staying stable

• Q- What happens if I skip an injection?
• A – We do not advise you skip as this will disrupt the process. If you do please just continue with your diet until you have the injection again

• A – The pills are effective as they contain the same ingredients as the Injection but they will work slower, so we advise the injections, but if you are scared of this you can use the pills.

• Q- What size needle is used?
• A – Diabetic needles (hypodermic)29G


Here is the best part! our product is 100% natural and is available in tablets or injections. It cannot and will not interfere with any medication and is safe for 99% of medical conditions. If you are unsure please contact us first so we can advise accordingly. Safe for men, woman, children under supervision and elderly people as well as disabled people.